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Did I pass?

Just got home from taking my driving theory test.  Did I pass?

Yes.  Of course I did.  Was there ever any doubt?

No now that’s out of the way, I can concentrate and getting ready for my practical.  Holy cow that’s a scary thought.

For anyone who cares, I got 47/50 on my theory and 59/75 on the hazard perception.  I feel like I could’ve done better, but I passed so who cares right?

Gotta cram lots of lessons in now for the next 2 weeks, one every weekday if I can.  Fun but tiring.  I’ll keep you posted.


Lesson number 7 and my theory test

Just came back from my 7th lesson (hour 14) and it went great.  I have my theory test in an hour, so I’m a bit nervous.  I feel well prepared, but I just have a bad feeling that I’m gonna get all the questions I don’t know.

I also felt pretty confident with the hazard perception until this morning.  I was consistently getting 4 or 5 marks for each one, and then this morning I managed to get a 0.  That’s right, a big fat goose egg.  I didn’t even see the hazard at all!  As long as I don’t get 14 clips like that though, I should be fine.

If I pass today, my instructor wants to put me straight in for my practical, which would be in about 2 weeks.  2 weeks?! =:o I’ve only been doing this for 2 and a half weeks.  Granted by the time my test comes I’ll have done as many hours again as I’ve already had, but still.  I am scared.

So I’ll let you all know (all 0 of you who are reading this) how my test goes later this afternoon, and then I’ll fill you in on the Mika get last Sunday, whoo!

4th lesson – perfecting the 3-point turn (sorry, I mean the turn in the road)

Just got home from my 4th lesson.  I’ve already learned all 3 maneuvres, but today I perfected them.  Mostly.  Sort of.

I can do a turn in the road no problem, easiest one as far as I’m concerned (though I haven’t tried it on a busy road yet)  Parallel parking is also a doddle (I thought they’d actually try and make you park between 2 cars, isn’t that the point?)  And my reversing needs a little work but the instructor seems pretty happy anyway.

I drove through Harehills today.  Fortunately I know the roads quite well but navigating them in a car is a different matter.  There was a white van driver behind me (you know the type) and he tooted his horn as I was pulling away from the traffic lights.  I wasn’t even going that slowly!  He made me nervous and scared.  Van drivers are mean 😦

Other than that though I had a great time, got up to 50 on a stretch of road, 40 already feels really slow!  One thing I’ve noticed is that I keep forgetting what gear I’m in and I hate having to look down to see.  Wish there was something on the dash to tell me…

I also learned the “show me tell me” portion of the test today.  All very straight forward.  I think I was overcomplicating it.  One question was “how do you test your brakes are working” and I was like, hmm, is there a light somewhere in the car?  But apparently the answer is to… drive slowly and test the brakes.  Quite obvious really.  The way to test the brakes is to test the brakes.  Why didn’t I think of that?

And the way to test your brake lights?  I thought I was being funny when I said ask someone but apparently that’s the answer.  Ask someone.  Yeah.

So I’m not too worried about that part, I know where everything goes under the bonnet.  So I just need to take some more practice tests and I should be fine.  Oh here’s another funny one:

Q.  Your vehicle has broken down on an automatic railway crossing What should you do FIRST?

a. Get everyone out of the vehicle and clear of the crossing

b. Telephone your vehicle recovery service to move it

c. Try to push the vehicle clear of the crossing as soon as possible

or d…

Wait for it…

Walk along the track to give warning to any approaching trains.

Yes.  Some people think that when your car breaks down on a level crossing, you should WALK DOWN THE TRACK AND WARN THE TRAIN.  Good grief.

Ok ok just one more:

Q. You are on a motorway.  A large box falls onto the road from a lorry.  The lorry does not stop.  You should:

a. go to the next emergency telephone and report the hazard

b. stop close to the box until the police arrive

c. pull over to the hard shoulder, then remove the box


d. catch up with the lorry and try to get the driver’s attention.

I would love to see somebody trying to flag down a lorry on the motorway.  It would make my day.

Do I want to dance on stage with Mika? Well, do I?

Yes, I know what you’re saying.  “Please Beth, why are you even thinking about this.  You could NEVER dance on stage with Mika!”  Well ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this blog post from Mika’s website below:

Mika is looking for volunteers to take part in his live shows and it could be you!

He wants…

Lollipop girls – they should be petite/ max size UK 12 and have lots of energy for skipping and dancing around.

Big Girls – the should be between sizes UK 16-24 and be prepared to wear the outfits without getting stage fright!

If you’re up for it read on…

All you need to do is turn up at the stage door of the venue at 6pm on the day of a show and ask for Mika’s Tour Manager. All applicants will then be met with and performers will be chosen within 30 minutes.

If you are chosen here’s what will happen next:

– costumes will be provided

– depending on venue, you will either have to spend the majority of the show backstage and in costume (and not be able to see the show) or you will have to completely cover up in your OWN overcoat and can watch from the audience until your time to perform. This will be at the discretion of the tour manager on the night.

– you cannot bring a friend backstage

– you cannot take any photos backstage

– you are a volunteer and will not be paid

– performers take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own property

– remember to eat beforehand as dinner won’t be provided!

– have fun!

Please note all applicants must be 18 years of age and have a valid ticket for the show.

Right, so I realise that it would be an absolutely amazing experience to dance on stage at a Mika concert, but they’re not exactly selling it, are they.  Let’s review:

1 – I can’t bring my friends back stage (I’m going with a few mates, one of which is travelling down from SCOTLAND just to see the show)

2 – I won’t get paid

3 – I won’t get FED

4 – I can’t take any pictures

5 – Despite having bought a ticket, I’ll have to miss most of the show sitting back stage, or face the risk of passing out by wearing an OVERCOAT over my COSTUME until I’m due on stage (are they kidding?)

6 – I risk having my stuff nicked while I’m on stage performing (lollipop girls probably aren’t allowed to wear backpacks (not that I even qualify for a lollipop girl))

7 – I won’t get FED

Do we even get to meet Mika, or hang out with him after the show?  My friends and I are going to Nandos before the show, but if I was to queue up at the back door of the O2 Academy at 6pm, then I would have to forgo dinner.  And I don’t think I can go that long without food.    I don’t think any big girls could go that long without food.  I’m not sure they really thought this through…

So Mika if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are) then hit me up with some chicken and a couple of backstage passes and we’ll talk.

Do people actually get these questions wrong?

Ok, so I’m studying for my driving theory test, and most of the questions are pretty straight forward, you just need a little common sense.

But some of the questions are, well, a little disturbing…

Here’s an example:

An adult casualty is not breathing.  To maintain circulation, compressions should be given.  What is the correct depth to press?

A. 1 to 2 centimetres
B. 4 to 5 centimetres
C. 10 to 15 centimetres
D. 15 to 20 centimetres

I had to read this question a couple of times.  Are there really people out there that think compressions should be 15 to 20 centimetres deep?!  Like the casualty doesn’t have enough problems not being able to breathe, let’s add broken ribs to the list.  Please people, if any of you think you can press down on someone’s ribcage 15 to 20 centimetres, never, ever, offer to help at the scene of an accident.

Which brings me to my next question – why are these questions on my DRIVING test?

There’s an entire section of questions under the category of accidents. Am I applying to drive a car or become a paramedic? Half of the questions start with “You arrive at the scene of an accident…” Why would I arrive at the scene of an accident?! I’m in a car. Could you imagine what would happen if there was a crash on the motorway, and every single new driver thought to themselves “I know what to do!” and pulled over to the hard shoulder to try and treat people with burns, and people who are unconscious? What is the DVLA thinking?

Lyrics to 9 Days

9 days, 216 hours
That’s when I’ll see you again
Feels like a thousand years from now
But I know you feel the pain too

My heart is torn in pieces
Can’t take it anymore
Why do we play these games
Why can’t it be like before

I miss you making me smile
I miss that kiss goodnight
I miss talking to you each day
I miss you catching me
Staring over at you
I miss knowing just what you’re gonna say

But when our time has come
What will I be waiting for
If I miss you this much
Why do I feel so unsure

Lyrics to Can’t You See

Verse 1
Are you really that unsure
Are you really that insecure
Can you really not see the signs
Go and read between the lines
Cuz I don’t know how you can’t see
My heart is not a mystery
It’s lying there for you to take
Just promise you won’t let it break


Cos I love you, I want you
There’s just something about you
You’re on my mind, all the time
I just want to make you mine
Sure I’ve tried my best to hide
How I’m feeling deep inside
But I can’t hide the truth from you
It’s something that I just can’t do

Verse 2
Can’t you see what’s on my mind
Can you really be so blind
You look at me with those big blue eyes
Can’t you see that I’m hypnotised
I know you wish you’ll see the day
When I will feel the same way
You hope and pray that day is near
Can’t you see that day is here


6 hours in, and I can do all 3 manoeuvres!

Today was my third driving lesson.  On my last lesson, I learned 3 point turns (or a turn in the road as they’re now called) and reversing round corners.  Aced them both.  Today I ventured out onto main roads, where there were speed bumps, parked cars everywhere, and roundabouts!  Ahhh!

Roundabouts weren’t quite as scary as I had imagined.  I even went onto the Ring Road and got up to 40mph!  Ooh!

Then I practiced parallel parking next to a BMW, and I did ok with that too.  Did it twice, no problem.  Then I drove myself home for the first time.

Ok, so in case anyone doesn’t know, driving rocks!

I have 3 more lessons next week and my theory test on the 24th.  If I pass first time, then I might put in for my test a couple of weeks after that, depending on my progress.  Man driving is awesome!

I’ll keep you posted with how my lessons are going.  Oh, and here’s a little plug for the company I’m learning with, cos they rock almost as much as driving does!

They’ve even loaned me the books I need for my theory test so I didn’t have to buy them myself.  And their prices are a steal too.

Another Beth Rudkin Original on acoustic guitar

Right, Beth Rudkin original number 2. And FYI, I wrote this song several years ago, so it’s not about what you might think it is. Enjoy!

A Beth Rudkin Original on acoustic guitar

This video features my first original song that I shared with the world.  It’s not the first song I ever wrote, but it’s the first one I recorded.  Written about 3 years ago.

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