6 hours in, and I can do all 3 manoeuvres!

Today was my third driving lesson.  On my last lesson, I learned 3 point turns (or a turn in the road as they’re now called) and reversing round corners.  Aced them both.  Today I ventured out onto main roads, where there were speed bumps, parked cars everywhere, and roundabouts!  Ahhh!

Roundabouts weren’t quite as scary as I had imagined.  I even went onto the Ring Road and got up to 40mph!  Ooh!

Then I practiced parallel parking next to a BMW, and I did ok with that too.  Did it twice, no problem.  Then I drove myself home for the first time.

Ok, so in case anyone doesn’t know, driving rocks!

I have 3 more lessons next week and my theory test on the 24th.  If I pass first time, then I might put in for my test a couple of weeks after that, depending on my progress.  Man driving is awesome!

I’ll keep you posted with how my lessons are going.  Oh, and here’s a little plug for the company I’m learning with, cos they rock almost as much as driving does!


They’ve even loaned me the books I need for my theory test so I didn’t have to buy them myself.  And their prices are a steal too.


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