Lyrics to Can’t You See

Verse 1
Are you really that unsure
Are you really that insecure
Can you really not see the signs
Go and read between the lines
Cuz I don’t know how you can’t see
My heart is not a mystery
It’s lying there for you to take
Just promise you won’t let it break


Cos I love you, I want you
There’s just something about you
You’re on my mind, all the time
I just want to make you mine
Sure I’ve tried my best to hide
How I’m feeling deep inside
But I can’t hide the truth from you
It’s something that I just can’t do

Verse 2
Can’t you see what’s on my mind
Can you really be so blind
You look at me with those big blue eyes
Can’t you see that I’m hypnotised
I know you wish you’ll see the day
When I will feel the same way
You hope and pray that day is near
Can’t you see that day is here



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