3 Year Old Crying Over Justin Bieber – Well Orchestrated Plot or Pure Innocence Itself?

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If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber you’ve no doubt seen the following video:

Click here to view the video, YouTube won’t let me embed it into this post

The little girl in the video is 3 year old Cody. She has 2 older sisters who are clearly huge Justin Bieber fans. So obviously seeing how much her sisters love him she has decided, at 3 years of age, that she loves him too. And she loves him so much, that it makes her cry and listening to his songs makes her sad because she can’t see him every day and she wants him to be part of her family. And when asked why she loves him she says “because I know he loves me back.”

Before I go any further, let me just stress, that I am in no way suggesting that Cody was put up to this. I’m sure those were real tears, and she wasn’t prompted in any way to say the things she said. She’s obviously a very cute and very emotional little girl, and I have nothing against her. What I do have a problem with is the fact that this little episode was recorded and posted on YouTube.

What’s up with that? Why were they filming her in the first place? She ran into her room crying. Who’s first thought was “oh Cody’s crying, let’s get the camera out!” Her older sister who is also featured in the video clearly knows what she’s doing. She has her arm around Cody, being a loving big sister, and she carefully spends very little time looking into the camera. And then when Cody claims she’s seen her sisters crying over Justin Bieber she gets very defensive.

Then, when her mum asks if listening to his songs would make her feel better, Cody replies no it would make her cry again. So what does her sister do? Starts singing Justin Bieber songs to her. Clearly keeping her sister crying is key to her right now.

Then comes the strange bit. The mum says she’s going to turn the camera off. What does Cody say? No! She wants her mum to continue recording her while she’s crying. Doesn’t that seem weird to anybody else?

Finally comes the classic moment when the phone rings and Cody stops crying and says “I bet that’s Justin Bieber” causing laughs all round. Listen closely. The mum says “I got it” and the sister says “were you still recording?”

I can’t put my finger on it but something just isn’t right about this whole video.  Maybe it’s the fact that her sister says “I swear, if he sees this and he comes, then she will be my favourite sister forever.”  Clearly it was posted in at attempt to get some publicity in the hopes that Justin would see it and they would get to meet him. After all, if Justin was to see this video, how could he not go to see his number one fan? Well, they got their wish. Check this out:

So because Cody didn’t have her nap, and she was crying over Justin Bieber, and her parents had the forethought to film her crying and stick in on the Internet, their 3 daughters got to meet Justin Bieber and be on TV. You think that’s fair? Neither do I.

And before you say it, I’m not jealous. I’m 24 for crying out loud, I don’t want to marry Justin Bieber, I don’t cry about him because I didn’t have my nap and I don’t want him to be in my family. But what message is this little story sending out? Does Cody now think that whenever she wants something all she has to do is cry and she’ll have everything she wants? Every Justin Bieber fan out there with a little sister is thinking “darn why didn’t I think of this?” And Justin Bieber may well be thinking “uh oh what have I started here?”

Should Justin go and visit every fan that posts a video of themselves crying on YouTube? Is there an age limit? What else would get Justin’s attention? I’m just worried how far this is going to go.

What do you guys think about the video? Do you think it was planned, or orchestrated, or that Cody was encouraged in some way? I think she’s cute, and I’m happy that she got to meet Justin. I just seriously hope that her parents have explained to her that this is not how the real world works.


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  1. kimberly souza Said:

    well, she does have a point, but honestly this is only a once in a lifetime kinda thing, I don’t think justin is going to go see every single one of his fans that makes a video crying cause if he does I’ll make one too 🙂 lol, but anyways I think cody is sweet &’ that she really does love justin just as much as I do and other girls that weren’t lucky enough to meet him, and some unluckier like me that will maybe never ever meet him <|3. it would be my dream if justin singed happy birthday to me I think he's a beautiful boy, and great singer :). &' I'm fourteen btw :).

    -lovee kimberly souza from new bedford MA :-*

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