Something is finally starting to click…

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Yesterday was my 12th driving lesson, and I think I’ve finally got the hang of parallel parking and reversing round corners.  For the last few lessons I’ve really struggled to do them on my own (without my ADI telling me which way to turn the steering wheel!), especially on my night lesson (driving in the dark was scary and awesome!).

But I think something has finally clicked because I did 2 parallel parks perfectly yesterday, and I reversed round 2 different corners with no problem!  The curb was in my side mirror the whole time which is a first, so I’m feeling pretty good right now, I feel like I could take the test tomorrow!  But I’ve got another 2 weeks yet, and loads more lessons so I’ll be totally ready.

Next driving post will be on Thursday after my next lesson.  That’s when I’ll find out if yesterday was just a fluke and I actually still suck and driving backwards…


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