Justin Bieber My World 2.0

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If you’re a Justin Bieber fan you’ll know that his new album, My World 2.0, comes out in a few days.  Some of the songs have already been released on iTunes, but the track listing for My World 2.0 is as follows:

1. Baby feat. Ludacris
2. Somebody to Love
3. Stuck in the Moment
4. U Smile
5. Runanaway Luv
6. Never Let You Go
7. Overboard
8. Eenie Meeniei feat. Sean Kingston
9. Up
10. That Should Be Me

So far, we’ve heard Baby, Never Let You Go and Eenie Meenie.  Justin also performed That Should Be Me and Smile on QVC 2 nights ago.  Smile is apparently going to be released on iTunes next week (once again presumably only for US fans…)

Why am I telling you this?  Well something is bugging me…

There appear to be several songs that are floating around the internet that aren’t on this album…  What happened to them?  First of all there was Pick Me, which was supposedly leaked onto YouTube (you can probably still find it if you do a search), and was a pretty awesome song.  When the tracklist was posted everyone wondered if “That Should Be Me” was just “Pick Me” with a different name, but Justin’s moving performance of the James Luke cover last night quelled those thoughts.  So why is Pick Me not on My World 2.0?

Also, Justin posted on Twitter about a song he was doing with Sean Kingston, and again if you search on YouTube you’ll find the video of them in the studio recording a song together.  The song sounds really good too.  So when I saw Eenie Meenie feat. Sean Kingston I thought to myself “that’s the one we saw on YouTube.”


This is a totally different song.  So where’s the song that we saw Justin recording with Sean Kingston last month?

Another thing that’s bugging me is why are there so many versions of My World to buy?  I’m in the UK and I bought the UK version of My World.  Now on iTunes, I can pre-order Justin’s new album, but it’s not My World 2.0, it’s My Worlds.  So I have to buy an album that has tracks I’ve already paid for.  Thing is, I already pre-ordered the US version of My World 2.0 so I could be in the fan mosaic.  And then I get an email saying if I pre-order it from the UK Justin Bieber website I can get an exclusive hoodie!  And then finally, QVC are releasing a version with an exclusive DVD that you can’t get anywhere else.

I want to be on the fan mosaic.  I want the Justin Bieber hoodie.  I want the exclusive QVC DVD.  But how do I get all of those things?

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  1. I already love the couple songs i heard it should be a great album.

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