Final Lesson. Again.

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I felt kind of bad for not posting about my driving lessons for so long, but then I remembered that nobody is reading this.

I had my first test 2 weeks ago.  And I failed.  I know, I’m as surprised as you are.  I was so ready for it.  I only got 3 minors, but I failed on something really stupid.  I was on a road that turned into 2 lanes and as I moved over to the left lane I drove in the end of a red bus lane for like a second.  That’s an automatic fail.  My examiner also said I was driving too close to parked cars.  Not so close that he felt he needed to  grab the wheel, but close enough that he decided to fail me for it.

What annoyed me most (I’m not saying a shouldn’t have failed, I know I should have) is he said I should be driving a car door’s length away from parked cars at all times.  That is impossible.  If I had done that he would’ve failed me for driving on the wrong side of the road.  It’s just not always possible.  My instructor also said that he shouldn’t have let me drive in the bus lane.  Some of them have cameras and you can get a ticket for driving in them, like going through a red light.  If I had gone through a red light he would’ve put his foot on the brake and stopped me.  He should’ve done the same thing for the bus lane, rather then letting me think it was ok.

So I have my next test this Saturday in Skipton.  Skipton is a small town about an hour from where I live, but it’s the only test centre that doesn’t have a month or more waiting list for tests.  I’m going for my last (I hope) lesson today.  I drove over there last week to get the lay of the land.  It’s a lot easier to drive over there than here in Leeds.  So I feel pretty confident.  I think I’m dreading it slightly more because people generally expect you to fail first time.  I would’ve love to have passed first time but not many people do.  But now I’m onto my second test, expectations are high (from me anyway).  Failure is no longer an option.

Stay tuned.


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