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I’m a PC. There I said it. I’m a PC, not a Mac. I have a Dell Vostro laptop, I have a Dell desktop computer, I don’t have a Mac book, or an iPhone, I don’t even have an iPod. I do however desperately want an iPad in a badly huge way.

And it was this sudden, inexplicable interest in the iPad that got me wondering: Why am I a PC and not a Mac?

I suppose the real reason is because the deicision to buy one was never mine to make. I’ve used PCs all my life, at home, at school, and grew up thinking that nothing else in the realm of computers even existed. All computers are PCs, aren’t they?

Then one day I found this series of delightfully amusing adverts featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Here’s an example:

So naturally what I took away from these adverts is that PCs are dorky and Macs are cool, but that ultimately PCs are better for the more important things like work. Macs are for creative people who like to keep things simple, and PCs are for real grown-ups.

Years went by and I continued to live a life completely separate from Apple products, not even buying an iPod (hey, my Nokia has a music player so what’s the point? iPods don’t even have memory SD slots).

My first encouter with Apple was when I downloaded iTunes. I’m not even sure why I did it, but I did, and I blew a few quid on some songs I’d been after for a while. Then I noticed they also sold movies and TV shows. Then I noticed the price of the movies and TV shows and never bothered looking again. How can the digital version cost more than the DVD version?! Seriously. What’s up with that?

Then I started looking through the app store and I thought “some of these apps look pretty cool.” That was when I started contemplating an iPod Touch. Definitely didn’t wan’t an iPhone. I have a phone. It’s a Nokia E63 and it’s awesome. But iPod Touches are expensive.

Then last week, I discovered the iPad and I fell in love:

I know. I don’t need it. It’s just a giant iPod Touch and it’s a million times more expensive. But it’s sooooo pretty.

It was at this point that I started to further question my stance on Mac vs PC. The 2 major cons for the iPad were it’s lack of multi-tasking and the fact that it won’t play flash. These are 2 things my laptop does. And it got me thinking back to those adverts I’d seen all those years ago…

Mac seems quite proud of itself for being a faster, more reliable machine that doesn’t crash or get viruses. Now if I’ve understood this correctly, here’s why:

Macs only represent a minority of computers that are in use around the world. People don’t create viruses for them because they wouldn’t affect many people. Viruses for PCs create a lot more damage because there are so many more of them.

Mac have eliminated the problems inherent in PCs, by simply leaving out the features that cause these problems. Let me illustrate:

Imagine that PC is a television. It’s a widescreen, plasma TV. It looks great, and works great, though it has one little kink: occasionally, the remote control stops working. This happens very rarely, and is easily fixed by just turning the TV off and on again.

Now imagine Mac is a TV. They claim to have a more reliable TV than the PC. How come?

Their TV doesn’t have a remote control.

Please let me stress the fact that I don’t really know a lot about computers. I can do a lot on computers, but I don’t understand much of what goes on under the hood. So this is just my very crude understanding of the difference between a Mac and a PC. It’s probably very inaccurate and misleading. But I must be along the right lines, because if Macs were as great as they claim, then I wouldn’t be writing this on a Dell right now, would I? There must be something holding them back from dominating the market, or else they’d actually be giving Bill Gates a run for his money. But they’re not. Instead they spend all their time on next gen iPods and iPhones. And now the iPad. They haven’t got it perfect yet, but I still really really want one.


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  1. Simon Cowen Said:

    Hi Beth
    Good article I enjoyed it. As a total tech head myself it was good to read an article that didn’t have a low level technical perspective. You have a very good writing style so keep it up. You need to split the systems in to two areas the hardware and the operating system. You also may need to take in to consideration Linux. Have you used a Mac yourself? One of the reasons why Windows is the most popular system is down to Bill Gates being a good marketer and businessman.

    Well Done

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