Digital Economy Bill

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Bear with me, because up until a couple of hours ago I had never heard of the Digital Economy Bill, and I don’t follow politics very well.  But this doesn’t seem too hard to understand.

Here is where I learned what very little I know about the Digital Economy Bill:
Digital Economy Bill: crackdown on illegal filesharers confirmed
The Daily Telegraph
Digital Economy Bill (DEB) Pushed through without debate!
YouTube Video
Digital Economy Bill protest at parliament
YouTube Video

Basically, parliament have passed a law that essentially means if someone is accused of filesharing, or illegally downloading music etc from the internet, then their Internet Service Provider can disconnect their internet connection.  Now on the surface this may sound like quite a harsh enforcement of the law, and the majority of internet users are up in arms about this.  People think that this is one step closer to us becoming a nanny state.


Nanny state?  That’s just something people say when they don’t like that they can no longer get away with doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing.

If you were caught stealing a CD in HMV, and the store manager banned you from coming into the shop ever again, would you think that was unfair?  Of course not.  Stealing is against the law.  The internet is a privilege, not a right.

I’ve also heard whining along the lines of “if my teenager is illegally downloading music upstairs in his bedroom using my ISP, then I could lose my internet connection which I need for work.”

So, if the law says you lose your internet if you steal copyrighted material, and your child is stealing copyrighted material, surely there can be only one solution, right?

Protest the bill of course!  Whinge and moan on Twitter and YouTube about how horribly unfair the government is being, and how it’s taking away our civil rights.

Or you know, you could always discipline your children, teach them not to steal, take responsibility for your offspring…  Sound like too much hard work?

Yeah, let’s just go protest outside the Houses of Parliament instead.



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