Driving Test – Read to find out if I passed…

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You want to know if I passed my driving test yesterday, don’t you?

Well the answer is…

Yes!  Woop woop!  So happy.  I honestly thought I had failed, because we went down a 60 road and there were these little speed signs that said 20mph “loose chippings” and after going 20mph for some time I thought to myself “what speed am I supposed to be going?!”  Turns out the signs were just “advisory” so it didn’t matter.  In total I had 7 minors, a couple were for approaching junctions too quickly and one was for not looking in my mirrors.  I can’t work out what the others were for nothing but they weren’t so serious that the examiner felt he had to say anything afterwards.

I start my Pass Plus next week, which I highly recommend to anyone once they’ve passed their test.  Don’t you think it’s insane, that before I passed my test, I wasn’t allowed to drive on the motorway, even with my instructor in the car, but now that I’ve passed, I’m suddenly allowed to drive on the motorway, on my own, having had no prior experience on motorways at all?   Personally I think Pass Plus should be mandatory.  It’s only 6 hours, there’s no test afterwards and it brings down your insurance a fair whack, which to a new driver is very helpful.

I can’t wait to drive on the motorway, it’s gonna be a blast.  I probably won’t do many more driving posts now that I’ve passed, but if I happen to crash and die on the motorway, I’ll be sure to let you know.  Not too sure how…


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  1. Carl Drive Said:

    I agree that Pass Plus be mandated those who are decided to have their license. It’s a great help to be ready to go on the road. It’s really a plus factor the young drivers in gaining a valuable driving experience with the safety regulations behind.

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