About Beth Rudkin

This blog has now moved to an official domain. To view the new website, click here: Beth Rudkin

My name is Bethany, but you can call me Beth. I live in Leeds, I’m 24 years old and in my spare time I play guitar and piano and write my own songs (shame about the voice). I have recently started posting my videos on YouTube, and I am also a Squidoo enthusiast.

I currently work from home for my father’s company, PayPerShop Ltd. The company focuses mainly in Internet Marketing and SEO. I am assistant to my brother David, who is managing editor of MarketingDotCom. I’m learning lots of cool new things, while working in my pyjamas. Sweet.



  1. Shaz Said:

    Do you REALLY go to work in your pj’s?????? How COOL!!!!!

    • bethrudkin Said:

      It’s not really a matter of GOING to work in my pjs, as much as my computer is next to my bed…

      Would YOU get dressed?

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